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Please Give Me A Job


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DarkRoomVR Published on May 8, 2023
Anie Darling has landed a prime new position with a prestigious company and can't wait to get started. In this VR porn video, she is brought before the company's top manager Sabien DeMonia. Her boss is a stunning, tattooed brunette with a no-nonsense approach to business. Everyone who works under Sabien is to follow her orders completely and without question. Whipping out a riding crop, the manager touches Anie with it. She is uncomfortable by the sexual aggression, but really needs this job to prove to Sabien that she is a team player. Sabien summons a male underling to the office and orders Anie to open her blouse to show off her tits. Her new co-worker's cock is hard and Anie is commanded to crawl across the floor and suck it while her new boss watches. Watch as the VR-Porn Fantasy unfolds. Anie sucks and licks his cock, doing her best to please him until Sabien pushes her aside to demonstrate proper technique. Commanding her two employees like they are her own personal sex dolls, Sabien has the guy bend Anie over and fuck her deep and hard. It starts to feel really good, but she finds herself repositioned to fit her boss' desires, leaving her pussy throbbing in frustration. She has to watch as her busty boss rides the hard cock and cums all over it. Only then does Anie get a chance to have what she craves. His cock is so big and hard and fills her up like no other. Anie shares a big load of cum with her boss and understands that she belongs to Sabien now and will do anything to keep her new job.