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Blind Date Gone Wrong

Starring: Alyssa Bounty

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DarkRoomVR Published on May 9, 2023
Pretty young Alyssa Bounty is used to get any guy she wants. That hasn't changed since she started using her new VR dating app. She constantly chats with multiple guys and goes out on expensive dates whenever she wants. That all goes horribly wrong when two of the guys she has been seeing turn out to know each other. One of the men invites her over, telling her that has a surprise for her. When she arrives, two men in masks are waiting for her. They grab the stunned brunette and tear her dress open, exposing her tits. She is terrified as they being to touch her, but recognizes one of them by the bulge in his pants. The idea of being with two men at once has always turned her on and Alyssa sees that this is her chance to make her dirty fantasy come true. Taking their big cocks out of their pants, she begs them not to hurt her as she moves her lips from one raging hard on to the next. Just like in VR-Porn Scenes, they take turns fucking her while she sucks the other cock. All this attention has Alyssa going crazy and she still can't see their faces. That only turns her on more. The harder they fuck her, the more she likes it. The more she likes it, the louder she begs them to fuck her. Both guys shoot their loads onto her face at once. Once again Alyssa gets exactly what she wants from men, two at a time.
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