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Bad Bad Girls


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DarkRoomVR Published on May 15, 2023
Coeds Crystal Sinn and Clara Mia are friends and rivals. They compete in class for the best grades and outside of class for the hottest men on campus. Both have set their eyes on the handsome new professor and will stop at nothing to get him. Despite their best efforts, they have not been able to get you to notice them, let alone make a move. Thinking that things might work better if they teamed up, both girls started to dress more provocatively and began acting out in class. This got your attention and they were both called to your house late one evening. As the VR-Porn Movie begins, they both show up dressed in their sluttiest clothes and are immediately taken inside. The girls wanted your attention and now they have to obey your every word. You make them sit across from you and slowly open their tops. They have never heard a teacher speak this way and feel their bodies responding to your domineering voice. When the girls have agreed to do all that you command, you pull out his long cock. Chrystal and Clara are not virgins, but they have never seen a dick so big and are afraid of what you might make them do. You enjoyed their hungry mouths, but didn't stop there, shoving your dick into them from behind while using their hair like reigns. Your brutal thrusts hit all the right spots as you took turn fucking the girls and making them each other. Hold onto your VR Headset as you pulled your cock and sprayed your hot cum on their faces, you let them know that this is how they would be punished from now. They belonged to you.