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Starring: Stefany Kyler

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DarkRoomVR Published on May 16, 2023
Struggling to make her way through college, pretty coed Stefany Kyler took on any job she could find to pay the bills. Her most recent position was as a pet walker. She had a number of clients in a very wealthy neighbourhood including a handsome man she rarely saw. One evening while walking his pets, one of them got off the leash and ran away. Stefany was terrified to confront you with the news that she had lost your beloved pet. The boss listens to her explain, glaring at her and making her feel intimidated. You are furious and lets her know that she needs to be punished for her carelessness. She trembles as he hands her the collar and orders her to put it around her neck. For her reckless handling of your pet, she must be taught a lesson and it begins on her knees begging like a good pet. At first, Stefany felt embarrassed, but her body responded to your dark tone, your harsh words and she found herself getting turned on by the punishment. When you take out your hard cock, the young brunette obediently sucks it for her new master. You order her to strip but leaves the leash on like a good pet. You punish her tight little pussy with your big cock while she rides you, trying to fuck like the sexy women she has seen in VR-Porn. When he gets close to cumming, you pull on her leash, moving her face in close to take every drop of your hot, sticky load. Now, you have a new pet and Stefany has a new job and a new master.