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Happy Birthday Sir


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DarkRoomVR Published on May 21, 2023
It is the Headmaster's birthday and four of his students want to make it a special day. At their exclusive all-girls college, the Zee Twins (Lady Zee and Sandra Zee) and the Dellai Twins (Eveline Dellai and Silvia Dellai) are always in competition to see who rules the school. Both sets of twins had the same idea, to surprise their headmaster with a cake. He has put up with a lot of trouble from these spoiled rich students and a cake just isn't enough. They are shocked when he grabs the cake from them and makes them line up for uniform inspection. Their skirts are all too short and punishment is in order. With four succulent sibling asses before him, the headmaster takes full advantage of what would be an ideal VR-Porn fantasy. Rather than waste too much time spanking the girls, he takes out his cock and tells them that whoever pleases him the best will escape further disciplinary action. Anxious to avoid trouble, the four girls surround his cock and take turns with it. He likes the way the girls keep themselves entertained while waiting for the privilege of his meat so he lines them up, fucking one tight twat while they eat one another up the chain. With each girl trying her best to make the headmaster happy he has many inviting options to choose from. Hungry mouths and tight pussy wherever he looks. As he got close to climax, all four students gathered around his cock and waited for his special birthday candle to blow. He shot a huge load that all four girls share and spit into each other's mouth. They avoid further trouble, but the headmaster tells them that all four will be his personal fuck toys for the remainder of the year.
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