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Judge The Book By Its Cover

Starring: Dominno

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DarkRoomVR Published on May 29, 2023
Dominno is a professor at a prestigious university. Every semester she picks one promising, handsome student for some extra special tutoring. In this VR porn video, the selected student shows up and does his best not to stare at his sexy professor who is dressed in a tight skirt and low cut blouse. She hands him a study guide and he is shocked to find nude photos of his professor tucked inside. He doesn't know how to react, but the pictures turn him on. Dominno VR notices the bulge in his pants and demands to see his cock. He complies and she rewards him by lifting her skirt. If he wants to pass her course he will choose, follow her into her office and give the slutty professor the cock she craves. It is not a difficult decision for him, especially when she takes out her big tits and wraps them lovingly around his stiff pecker. It is a tight fit and she can feel him throb with every bounce of her bodacious breasts. Taking him to her bedroom she bends over and pulls him close. He has one chance to earn an A in her class. Fuck her properly and it will be a semester of good grades and great sex. Fail and it will be a semester of pure hell. He does his best to fulfil her needs, enjoying every deep stroke into her curvy body. When he lasts through her first two orgasms, Dominno knows that she has chosen wisely this semester. She keeps riding him, telling him to let loose and fill her pussy with his cream. The studly student follows her orders and pumps a big load into her. Yes, she has chosen wisely. He will do just fine.