Ready To Serve You

Starring: Freya Mayer

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DarkRoomVR Published on May 30, 2023
Hard times have meant a lot of changes for many people. Freya Mayer had a fantastic job in the financial industry until massive layoffs forced her to seek other work. A friend got her a job as a housekeeper for a mysterious man. Though he mostly keeps to himself, but still intimidates her with his dark stare. She is always nervous around him, especially in the tiny little outfit he requires her to wear. The nervousness makes her clumsy and no matter how careful she is, Freya just keeps breaking things and provoke her boss sexually. In this VR porn video, her boss tells her that he must punish her for her poor performance. Freya is shocked when he begins to spank her, but before his hand strikes her ass, she knew that she will like it. She must make things up to her boss with her tight, wet pussy. He takes out his cock and orders her to her knees. His cock is big and his commanding presence makes Freya melt. She has never felt submissive before but is happy to do whatever he asks of her. He takes her from behind, fucking her deeper and harder than her husband ever does. She is a better sex toy than she is a maid and he enjoys every stroke in her tight, lovely body. As he gets close to climax, she begs him not to cum inside of her. He agrees, but only if she will eat his load. She never does that at home, but sucks until he explodes, filling her mouth and covering her face with his cream. From now on, Freya has a new job and she is secretly excited by her new position.
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