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DarkRoomVR Published on Jun 3, 2023
Bonnie Dolce has always been shy, especially around boys. After trying for a year to find a guy in college, she has decided to seek professional help. Turning to professional sex instructor Sheila Ortega VR, the pretty teen hopes to finally learn to be confident enough to approach a boy she likes. For the first lesson, Sheila has brought a handsome young man to demonstrate on. She was hoping to practice with some VR-Porn before diving right in, but Sheila knows best. Exposing the pretty teen to the handsome stranger, she tells her to relax and enjoy his eyes wandering over her, his hands caressing her and lips on hers. Bonnie learns quickly how to please the stranger, getting on her knees and licking the hard shaft of his large prick. The lessons are happening fast and with her busty instructor leading the way, Bonnie loses her panties and bent over the desk. His cock is so big she can feel her pussy stretching as he pounds her. It is like no other feeling she has experienced and her body soon shuddered with an intense climax. Sheila gives her student a break, letting the well-hung stud fuck her wet pussy for a while. She loves the way he pounds her, but Bonnie is already craving more. Riding his dick she feels more confident by the moment until at last Sheila pulls his cock from Bonnie's pussy and aims it towards her pretty, young face. She has learned her lessons well and soon feels his creamy jizz running down her chin as he explodes with sexual release. Now she knows just what guys want and will never be shy around them again.