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VR Porn Video: Fit And Petite

Starring: Charly Summer

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VRBangers Published on Oct 4, 2022
Let's sweat together with Pirou VR and Charly Summer- our super tiny and petite VR porn vixen who will make your balls explode with pleasure! Inside of our latest VR porn movie with a slut with Small-Tits called Fit And Petite- a virtual reality porn experience straight from the VRB's gym- nobody will be around and you will get to enjoy the solo session with this all-amazing slut. This teen VR porn video begins with you working out- doing all different kinds of exercises to get your muscles bigger. After a while, a hot petite girl (Charly) will come in, too, and start doing some exercises. Some sexy squats, deadlifts- all different kinds of motions that will make her ass look even better and let you appreciate it from the best possible position when she will be stretching her ass and her boobs into your face's direction. After a while, though, she will accidentally slip the weight and drop it on you- and this is when the fun on behalf of this VR porn scene with a skinny vixen will begin. Now she has to apologize for her clumsiness and she wants to make sure that you are 'ok'- and in the process, she will notice how big is your cock, which will lead to some really nice activities. Get your VR goggles and join Charly in this brand-new gym VR porn experience to sweat together with her- something tells us that her glutes will appreciate your dick when you will start penetrating her juicy pussy and bouncing your balls around her butt cheeks. If you are not a fan of going to the gym, this session with VR sex might change your mind forever- especially that it will all happen in 8K ultra-high definition!
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