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VR Porn Video: Come Join Me In The Shower

Starring: Katrina Moreno

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VirtualTaboo Published on Nov 17, 2022
Curvaceous raven-haired bombshell with big-tits, Katrina Moreno, decided to take the shower. Wearing nothing but a big white towel that neatly wrapped her voluptuous body, this seductive stunner went to the bathroom. There, she unfurled the towel and let her giant gazongas out into the open, together with her large ass and lightly hairy-pussy. Touching her exquisite body for a brief moment, this luscious lass entered the shower and started pouring warm water all over herself. But, as she was washing her large boobs, our desirable Katrina felt a certain warm and familiar feeling developing between her long legs. Getting out of the shower, and wiping down her body, this smoking hot brunette felt like she should really do something about her horniness, so she sat down near the shower, spread her legs and slowly slid her long fingers down towards her clit which she then proceeded to rub gently. As she was rubbing and fingering her orgasmic pink slit, this busty brunette simply could not contain herself and went on to moan rather loudly. As her moans echoed in the bathroom, foxy Katrina increased the fingering speed which, in turn, made her huge hooters bounce even more with the fingering motion. Of course, all of this was making stacked Katrina even hornier and her pussy juices running even faster, so, when she actually felt that her kinky adventure was coming to an end, she tried to pause it for a while. Unfortunately, her effort was to no avail because soon enough a rather violent orgasm went on to shake her entire curvy body.
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