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VR Porn Video: Forbidden Fruit

Starring: Baby Nicols

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VirtualTaboo Published on Nov 26, 2022
When Baby Nicols is home alone, it usually ends up with her doing all sorts of kinky things. There was nothing different on that particular day as well. Having the entire house just for herself, this luscious brunette knew that that would be the perfect opportunity for her to let some steam off. So, basically, it was no wonder that sooner, rather than later she decided to jump out of her clothes and directly onto the dining table. Naturally, the foreplay was a must, and this fantastic looker did not shy away from slowly taking off every clothing garment that enveloped her tight young body and exposing it bit by bit until her delicate curves, round boobs, and juicy pink slit were out in the open and she was ready for the action. Touching her hot and naked body made the pussy juices between her legs start flowing even stronger, so this ravishing cutie simply had to do something about it. As she applied her fingers to her orgasmic beaver, this desirable minx felt the shockwaves of pleasure surging through her spine right to her brain and her lips parted as a moan of pure pleasure escaped them. It was not long before she actually ended up on the table in front of a fruit bowl and rubbed her wet pussy with immense intensity. As an amazing orgasm approached, our delicious Baby Nicols increased the pussy fingering and, when it was finally time for her to end, her entire body spasmed as all of that horniness was released from it rather violently.
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