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VR Porn Video: Too Cool For School

Starring: Natasha Teen

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VirtualTaboo Published on Dec 2, 2022
After Natasha finally got home from school, she decided to do her homework so she can have the rest of the day for whatever she likes. She didnt change her clothes, so she began doing her homework in her uniform which consisted of a white shirt, a red tie and skirt, and black stockings. It didnt take too long before the homework began to bore her, and thus she started fooling around. Natasha began by twirling her fingers in her hair, and as she slowly moved down, she reached her love button, which caused quite a spark of horniness. Without hesitation, Natasha forgot all about her homework, and she took her panties off, while keeping the rest of her school uniform on. While she only pleasured herself with her fingers, she realized that she needs something else in order to reach her climax. That is when she decided to rip-open her shirt and play around with her big-tits while still rubbing her nicely shaved-pussy with her other hand. The lusty schoolgirl kept pleasuring herself in such fashion for a while, but she still needed something more in order to finish her session. That is when a great idea came into her head, so she took her pen and began thrusting it inside of her love tunnel, and even if it was quite small, it was still more than enough to make her moan loudly. It didnt take too long for Natasha to cum, and now that she was relaxed, she could finally return to her homework.
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