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VR Porn Video: I Prescribe Taking Panties Off

Starring: Scarlett Jones

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DarkRoomVR Published on Dec 14, 2022
Shy coed Scarlett Jones is having a difficult time adjusting to her new school. She does not have any friends and is insecure about her appearance. Worried that her fears are affecting her schoolwork, Scarlett pays a visit to the school psychologist. She sits nervously while he goes over her files and can feel his eyes on her, making her even more self-conscious. He listened while she explained her situation, but the handsome older man's piercing gaze just made Scarlett feel more timid. When she was done, he shocked her by telling her that was beautiful. No man had ever told her that. Boys, sure, but not a man. Not a man like this. Embarrassed, she tried to leave, but felt his strong grip as he told her to stay. He was so commanding, his voice so strong and confident. Scarlett listened and obeyed when he told her to lift her skirt and spread her legs. Unsure of herself at first, she did as ordered until she could see the bulge in his trousers grow bigger. From her knees, she watched in awe as he pulled out his cock. It was bigger than any she had ever seen. Surely if she could arouse a man like this, make a dick this size throbbing hard, then she was every bit as desirable as the other girls in school. From her knees she starts to suck his big cock feeling overpowered by lust and the desire to please him. He helps her up and then bends her over, thrusting his huge dick into her wet, tight pussy from behind. Watch in stunning VR high definition as Scarlett gets flipped over and fucked with powerful deep strokes. Her confidence grows as he pumps her hard and finally shoots his load all over her face. He sends her on her way, ordering her to come back next week for another counseling session.
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