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VR Porn Video: Natural Protein Is Served

Starring: Serina Gomez

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SLROriginals Published on Dec 14, 2022
When people decide to change something in their lives, it can be a rather difficult decision. Some people prefer to do that all alone, in secret, but others need a company to succeed. Sereyna Gomez decides to change her eating habits but she is afraid she can’t cope with that task by herself and this is why she talks her boyfriend into joining her challenge of eating healthy. Cooking can be a really hard task and this is why they decide to share the duty but, unfortunately, the dude forgets it’s his turn to cook. Sereyna Gomez feels hungry but she doesn’t want to cook either. Luckily, a kinky idea of getting a portion of natural protein comes into her sex-hungry head. She teases the dude and soon kneels in front of him to please him and to satisfy her needs as well.
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