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VR Porn Video: Daughter Takes The Wrong Pill

Starring: Natasha Teen

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jan 10, 2023
Sexy little Natasha was all dressed up and ready to go to a club. She knew she was looking hot in her short skirt. Just one problem. She had a huge throbbing headache that wouldnt go away. Making her way into her stepfathers bedroom, the naughty teenage princess asked for some pills to help with her headache. Natasha grabs the wrong box of pills and ends up taking one from his supply of sex stimulant Taboogra. These little pills light a forbidden fire in the loins of young Natasha. Unsure what is happening, she feels wave after wave of desire overtake her. She suddenly cant stop thinking the naughtiest thoughts about her sexy stepfather. Curling up in bed next to him, her slips her fingers under her skirt and rubs her aching pussy. She has never felt so wet before and cant help herself. Natasha wants daddys dick and whips out her perfect tits to tempt him. When she finds his cock already hard, the slutty stepdaughter cant resist. 'What the hell, I was going to suck some cock tonight anyway.' She takes him between her lips and moans as his big meat fills her mouth. Once she gets a taste, there is not stopping this tight little teen. She climbs on top and grinds her pussy down on his dick, purring like a perfect little sex kitten. He knows it is wrong, but when he gets his hands on those perfect tits, he doesnt care. Overcome with lust, Natasha reaches down and pops daddys dick into her tight butthole. She is so much tighter than her mother and he is so much bigger than the college boys she fucks. It is a perfect match. They fuck hard until neither of them hold out any longer and then he shoots a big load into his stepdaughters horny mouth. Best of all, her headache went away as well.
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