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VR Porn Video: This Aint A Charity

Starring: Kate Quinn

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DarkRoomVR Published on Jan 12, 2023
Kate Quinn VR never liked her stepfather. He was always cross with her and she would catch him watching her in ways that made her uncomfortable. One night she has had enough and packs a bag to leave. With no plan or place to go, she finds herself sitting at a bus stop when a man approaches her. In this VR porn video, he offers her a room for the night and she accepts because she has no other options. When he shows her to her room, Kate notices him staring at her in the same way her stepfather does. This time it doesn't make her want to leave. He isn't married to her mom and the wanton lust in his eyes is making her knees tremble and her nipples stiffen. He tells her to lift her dress and open her leg. His commanding voice and brazen desire turn her on and she does as she is told. His touch makes her shiver and when she sees his cock, her mouth waters as she lets him fuck her face. Kate can feel her pussy throbbing while she waits for him to fuck her. She wants to be his obedient little fuck puppet and does everything he tells her. The rougher he gets, the more she loves it. Obeying him makes her feel happy and she wants to be a good girl for him. She sucks on his cock and begs him to let her stay with him forever. She wants him to be her new daddy and she will always be his perfect little sex toy.
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