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VR Porn Video: Yes You Can Play With My New Pet


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DarkRoomVR Published on Jan 13, 2023
You have a weekly play session with sexy fetish goddess Sindy Sixx. It is always a good time and she is never short of surprises. When you show up this week, she has a very unexpected treat for you in the form of sexy blonde pet Lilly Bella. As you enter, you see the petite sex kitten curled up between Sindy's thighs as they wait for you to join them. Her huge tits are so much fun to play with, but Lilly latches onto your leg and begs for your attention. With Sindy's help, the blonde sex kitten on her knees with mouth wide open and ready for cock. She pulls her lips back to let you fuck that pretty face. It is an even better view than you get with your VR Headset when you're watching porn. Your cock is too big for Lilly's innocent, inexperienced mouth so Sindy bends herself over and asks if you want to slide it into her horny pussy instead. It is a perfect fit and she slams her big ass backwards until it smashes loudly against your hips. At last, it is time to give the pretty little pet what she craves so you push Lilly's head between Sindy's thighs and pump away on the pretty blonde's tight hole. As much as Sindy loves your dick, she loves watching her submissive pet play the part of obedient fuck slut just as much. Either way, you get to take turns fucking very willing pussies until it is time to pull out and feed Lilly a full load of cock cream. She laps it up like a good kitty and is already ready for more.
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