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VR Porn Video: My Ass Comes As A Bonus

Starring: Misha Maver

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DarkRoomVR Published on Jan 24, 2023
Misha Maver is a new realtor. She has managed to land an amazing property that will net a huge commission if she can manage to sell it. Her first client is very wealthy. He owns a big VR porn studio. He can afford the house and seems interested, but keeps calling her back to show it to him over and over. She needs this sale and he finally lets her know that he is ready to buy if she is ready to give him some kind of special bonus for closing the deal. When she realizes what he wants, she is initially embarrassed. When she understands how serious he is, she agrees to celebrate with him by doing anything he wants. In this VR porn video, he puts his tie around her neck like a leash and pulls her into position to take his cock into her mouth. He roughly fucks her mouth and controls her head while she tries not to gag on him. Pleasing him is all she can think of as he reminds her that her big commission depends on how well he pleases her. She sits on his cock, getting it wet with her pussy, but knowing what he really wants. Bending over the couch Misha spreads her cheeks and asks him to put it in her ass. He pounds away and she keeps thinking of how much she is going to earn on this sale. As she fucks her tight hole he promises to recommend her to all of his wealthy friends as long as she promises to take care of them in the same way.
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