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VR Porn Video: Mamma Mia Here I Cum Again


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VirtualTaboo Published on Jan 24, 2023
Pretty young Alecia Fox has just turned nineteen. She is fit, pretty and enjoying college. Alecia is frustrated though. Her boyfriend loves her and always gets off when they fool around, but not Alecia. No matter what she tries with him or at home alone, she just cant seem to figure out how to satisfy herself. Desperate to find the key to orgasm, she strips out of her clothe and rubs her body all over, trying to find her pleasure spots that will lead to the wonderful climax she hears her friends talk about. Intensely trying to cum, Alecia does not notice when mom, Alexa Bold comes home. Embarrassed Alecia tells mother of her troubles. Not wanting to see daughter suffer, Alexa offers some advice. It is better to show someone than tell them so she pulls out her big-tits, much to Alecias shock. Sitting on the couch next to daughter, she spreads her legs and shows Alecia exactly where to place her fingers and how to rub her clit until it throbs. Following instructions, the cute young blonde picks up where she left off and immediately feels the difference. With Alexa encouraging her and close to cumming herself, Alecia finally feels the waves of pleasure rush over her, cumming all over her fingers with mom just seconds behind. It may have been unorthodox, but now that Alecia has learned to get off, she is just getting started on her sexual journey.
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