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Wake Up

Starring: Julia Parker

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RealityLovers Published on Sep 12, 2023
Sexy slender Julia Parker is asleep, the hot blond is snoozing peacefully, in sneaks our guy and he starts a cheeky little grope of her tits. She’s in black lingerie, no panties and decided to take a peep at her smooth pink pussy, pulling up the bed cover, and what a lovely little joy slot she’s got. Stroking her pussy lips, she continues to sleep as he fancies a bit of a peeping Tom wank, looks like his dick is wide awake for sure. We feel like we are in on this thanks to VR. But now Julia’s waking up to our wanking guy, she greets him with “good morning”, and a naughty smile on her face, looks like it sure is a good morning. What a way to start the day. By the look of that look in her lite brown eyes, she knows she wants dick sausage for breakfast and joins the fun wide awake. She takes his cock in her hand and gives it a little wake-up shake, yum-yum, it’s a blowjob for breakfast. Now we see some escalating action, she whips off her clothes, what delightful tits and she’s rubbing her pussy. She wants some morning sex and backs up for a good banging from behind. Our man’s deep inside her as Julia lays on her back and our VR takes you so close with a birds-eye view of our two breakfast bangers, it’s fuck time. They are like it like a couple of rabbits, Julia squeals with delight as she’s wide awake after the night. Pumping hard they relax and explore each other's bodies a bit more as our guy pulls her perfectly pink pussy lips wide and her little asshole is right in our face. They fuck from all positions. she sucks him off again and again. You can’t beat a bit of morning sex, can you? Reality Lovers take you there in VR.