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From Broadway To Bedtime

Starring: Des Irez

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VRBGay Published on Sep 27, 2023
Do you like going to the theater? Communing with 'high art'? Surely places like this can be a fabulous method of spending time in a slightly more civilized way – as well as a great way to go out with a loved one to share these artistic experiences together. And while here at VRBGay.com we 100% agree with everything said above, our own take on these 'artistic experiences' is subtly different. What do we mean? Well, we think you know perfectly well. With that in mind, we invite you to take a look at our latest gay VR sex experience called From Broadway To Bedtime – a gay virtual reality porn fantasy that will show you that the theme of visiting the theater doesn't have to be boring and trite at all when done together with one of twink gay VR porn stars. Who are we talking about? You know him, you love him, and we're sure you'll be extremely pleased with his company tonight – introducing the extremely handsome tattoed gay VR sex performer, Des Irez! Well, but okay, theater, high art, shaved gay VR xxx actor… how does it all come together? Well, it's very simple. As soon as you put on your VR goggles you will find yourself inside this gay VR porn fantasy, instantly taking on the role of the twink's boyfriend and getting ready to go to the theater together. You've planned this wonderful, artful evening and everything would have gone according to plan if it weren't for how handsome your boyfriend looks in his perfectly measured suit. To make matters worse, Des will drag his feet terribly in getting ready to go out and will repeatedly put your patience to the test – ultimately making you late and making your plans completely in vain. What now? After all, you both look so great and the night is still young. Well, it's high time for that VR Bangers Gay 'artistic experience' we mentioned – and, as we said, we're sure you know exactly what we mean, but to find out 100% you'll have to put on your VR goggles and check it all out with your own eyes!
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