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Dirty Delivery


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TSVirtualLovers Published on Dec 21, 2023
We reach new heights with a sensational classic in the Dirty Delivery sequence, Bailey Paris is sitting at home dressed in a classy black trouser suit when a delivery guy knocks on her door. He’s got a box and a bunch of balloons and they are pumped up and that’s not the only thing that will be greatly inflated we suspect. Bailey is a transexual stunner, she’s a mind & dick-blowing 193 cm tall, that’s 6’4”, an elegant brunette with a pretty face and cock rocking body to die for. It would seem however that there is a mix-up with the delivery, in the kitchen it all becomes clear. Bailey pops open the box, it’s a birthday cake and she decided to dip her long slender finger into the cake, smothered with sticky cream she licks her finger suggestively at our camera. Our delivery guy is a bit concerned his boss will not be too happy, but Bailey reassures him pushing his worried head into her silicon breasts. Understandably, our man is turned on. Pulling out the delivery guy's cock, Bailey plays and sucks with his swollen man-balloon as the real party gets started. Undressing and exploring each other's bodies, Bailey gets her tits out so our man can lick and tickle her erect nipples, and that’s not all that’s erect. Bailey Paris pulls out her tranny banger cock, it’s a nicely shaped shaved penis and bollocks bundle of fun. They are both getting harder. She ties a helium balloon around it, as our camera rig zooms in. They both move onto a sofa, turned on, they go for a double wank as they grab each other swollen cocks and tug each other excitedly gliding fingers back and forth the cock shafts with the bell-ends tingling with excitement. Shifting position, it’s a wonderful wanking session, rubbing cocks together, sliding the guy's cock between her tits, they must both be bursting to blow cum in a dirty delivery climax. But there is more fun to come, up the bum. Bailey sits her tight little ass on our man's cock and he enters her anus gently. It’s time for a tranny ass fuck up the chocolate box. Buggering her asshole, Bailey wanks off in delight, you just know she’s loving this one. They head off to the bedroom, lavishing each-others dicks with wanks and licks, this delivery is going to be taken once again up the shit hole, Bailey backs up and takes the delivery load up her ass, squealing with delight. We bet you’ve been bashing the bishop watching this hot hardcore tranny show, with Bailey Paris, it's hard not to blow your load at that show. TS Virtual Lovers take you there in VR.
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