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Flexible and Fuckable


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TSVirtualLovers Published on Dec 27, 2023
We all know it's important to keep our bodies flexible, the benefits are many including “flex-sex”. We know a VR Porn Star who’s more flexible than most, British trans babe Katie Fox, and she likes to tone that deluxe body keeping it rocking with some yoga. We meet Katie in the apartment, ding-dong, there is someone at the door. Come on in she says as her Yoga trainer arrives, he’s new, they get introduced and then it's time to stretch that Lycra. Clad in figure-hugging grey leggings and a peach-pink top, the workout seems to be going well. Aha, it seems our man, the yoga trainer is somewhat hands-on, indeed, his hands are on Katie’s cute little ass. We suspect Katie, as a top transexual VR Porn performer knows just how to make this session a proper workout for our porn show. There she goes, pulling the guy's shorts down to reveal his long hard cock, it looks “Flexible and Fuckable” for sure. Now Katies got her tits out, they seem in a lovely shape, she’s quite a compact type standing 5’5”, (165cm), fitting perfectly into her workout kit. What’s this? Katie has her hand down her leggings and seems to enjoy a crafty wank, playing with her hard cock and tingling balls this yoga session seems to become “hot yoga”. Now they both have their dicks out and they are rubbing them together for some horny double-barrel fun. We think the money shot is coming, or should we say cuming? Katie and the trainer get comfortable on the floor, Katie Fox wants one up the chocolate box and she pulls her ass cheeks apart to invite dick up her anal starfish. In our man plunges, and he clearly knows what he’s doing as he buggers Katie's anus proving that these two are very certainly “Flexible and Fuckable”. With a change of position, our yoga trainer stands up, he’s a tall well-developed guy with impressive tattoos on his muscular body. Katies sucks him off with a blowjob as a reward for his good-ass fucking performance, at the same time as she squats Katie starts to wank off for our camera. These two have been at it hard for some time, but it seems the need to take it up the bum is so much fun, one more banging is needed. Sitting on the guy's cock Katie Fox once again takes it up the shit box, it really is just as well these two proved that they truly are “Flexible and Fuckable. TS Virtual Lovers take you there in VR.
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