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TS Bang BoXXX 4


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TSVirtualLovers Published on Dec 31, 2023
Are you ready for some more deviant fun and games in the silky white box? Thought you might be. And not only will we see some hanky panky but maybe a little Yankee spanky. We brought together two American VR Porn stars, so they can come & “cum” together and what a fucking combo they are too. Chelsea Marie is a leggy Latino trans-girl from West Palm Beach, Florida. Apparently, she won “Best Scene” at the Transgender Erotic Awards previously. All eyes are on you Chelsea. Let's see how she scores with you guys today. Dressed in vibrant purple lingerie that probably matches her throbbing knob end, she has style. Do you like her dirty blonde look and shiny white shoes? It seems like she might corrupt the not-quite-so-innocent Rosalyn Sphinx. She’s from LA, a tinsel town chick with a need for a dick. Her sticky joy slot is begging for a banging in the box. We see she too has gone for the white shoe look. Since the camera started zooming in for VR Porn perfection, we see Chelsea has gained quite a big erection. Her long hard cock is slipping out like a python and her shaven bollocks are sneaking out too. Chelsea gets her hands on Rosalyn’s pussy and wanks her clit like a pro, fuck, she like’s that and is leaking like the Titanic. Nakedness is unfolding in the TS Bang BoXXX. Tits out, just look at the contrast, mother nature awarded the Sphinx with dinky little tits and the plastic surgeon sorted out some impressive silicon for Chelsea Marie. After the fanny wank, Rosalyn opts to perform a blow job, in her early twenties she has already had a fair bit of cock and she really loves this trans-girl penis as she wrapped her glossy lips around the swollen bell-end. It’s sending a tingle into Chelsea’s balls. What comes after sucks? Fucks. As it goes, the Zodiac traits are visible, Chelsea is a Torus and we see she’s giving that pussy a good old fucking ramming with her horny trans cock. Rosalyn is a Crab, and she’s pinching herself at her “lucky fuck” today. What turns her on we are told are bush tugging, spanking, biting and choking, she might well have choked on that cock for sure. So, there we have it, testicles, tits, a trans-girl and one excited and well-shafted fanny. We hope you enjoyed the fun in the box, keep your eyes out for more trans-girl hard cocks. Thanks for watching. Wanks for watching. TSVirtualLovers take you there in VR.
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