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Starring: Sasha Rose

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jul 9, 2024
Sasha Rose excels in 8K VR porn video games and playfully taunts men. She loves nothing more than dressing sexy and playing. Her poor stepbrother can only watch and dream about having access to her tight teenage body. Right in the middle of one of her weekend gaming sessions, her father's colleague shows up for a meeting. Since her father isn't home, Sasha invites him in to wait. Sasha is not about to let an opportunity like this go to waste. She resumes her play and cranks up the teasing to unbelievable levels. Her father's colleague is a few feet away. She pulls aside her bottoms and spreads her cheeks so you can slip a finger into her asshole. The bold act draws the older stranger's attention. He promises not to tell your parents if he gets to join in the fun. In this VR taboo porn episode, Sasha happily puts his dick into her mouth while you take her from behind. She has always wanted two men at once and now she has them both exactly where she wants them. The older man spins her around, pushing his cock into her pussy while the sexy gamer slut moans around your dick. Seizing his chance, her father's friend opens Sasha's cheeks. He starts fucking her asshole. His big dick and firm strokes make her whole body shiver. She cums hard. Then, she realizes she is still live VR porn streaming her game. So, people worldwide can hear and see as the two guys take turns pummeling her ass. This thought turns her on. She imagines gaining thousands of followers. She would pump their dicks until they both explode on her face.
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