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VR Porn Video: Prison Break

Starring: Brandi Love

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VRBangers Published on Mar 5, 2021
Today your favorite premium VR porn movies’ makers, VR Bangers, are going to surprise you with a VR porn scene different (story wise) than anything that we have ever produced – and even with a shocking plot twist at the very end! Our newest MILF VR porn scene called Prison Break is almost as exciting as the original TV show and you might actually have a hard time focusing on the beautiful body of the VR porn star performing in this VR porn movie, as you may be too concerned with everything else that is going on. Brandi Love – as she is a VR adult model starring in this blonde VR porn video – for the needs of this VR porn fantasy, will become a wife of a rich man (you) who has just escaped from the prison to visit her husband. She will break into your house and tell you that she has missed you and your dick sooo much that she had to do that and since you two do not have too much time, you should immediately skip the bullshit and start the fucking already. During the sex, the girl will tell you about her time in jail and even though her tight pussy will be extremely pleasant to you, if you have a feeling that something is not wrong… you might be totally right. In no time it will turn out that the bitch is actually taped and she is just trying to get a revenge on you for framing her into the prison – by the time you two will be finishing your hardcore fucking in this 6K UHD VR porn movie, the cops will be coming after you already… Was it worth it to fuck Brandi and go to jail for it? That will be your decision to make, but according to us… fuck yeah!
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