The Contender

Starring: Misha Cross

It has been a while since the latest presidential affair, has not it? We are not saying that such dramas are anything good and we do not expect them to happen every month but, on the other hand, it is always so interesting to uncover some of the White House's secrets and find out that it is way grayer than we are being told in the TV. We loved the idea so much that we have decided to come up with our very-own presidential affair in our latest babe VR porn scene - the one called The Contender. In this brand new VR porn movie, an incredibly sexy redhead VR porn star Misha Cross will be the source and the cause of this entire drama - you will catch her red-handed when installing microphones all around your working table inside of your office. The girl that was supposed to be - for the needs of this VR porn fantasy - a trusted help of you, the one who is in power, turned out to be trying to fuck you up and ruin your political career. To pay her back for that you can now FUCK HER instead - and do whatever you want with her to punish that stupid slut for trying to get you in trouble. This blowjob VR porn video will be your amazing attempt of showing Misha who really is the boss in this scenario - and you should not hold yourself back even for the slightest minute while ramming her tight pussy and face-fucking her filthy mouth with your giant cock. You might need to grab your gun to force her to bend under your will and become your slut inside of this VR porn fantasy - but we actually encourage you to do that and, do not forget, that this is "just" a virtual reality porn experience, and over here you can do whatever you feel like without any consequences!
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