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VR Porn Video: Girlfriend Catches You Wanking

Starring: Jasmine Grey

VRBangers Published on May 22, 2021
Imagine that situation: You are watching some of your favorite VR porn movies on your VR headset, and when the scene comes to an end and you take off your visor, it turns out that your girlfriend is sitting next to you and is starring right at you while being really, really mad. Since your GF has noticed that you are enjoying yourself with some VR porn sluts instead of playing with her pussy and has caught you red-handed when coming back home early, now you have to explain to her that she is no worse than these girls – and you’d better be convincing! That is exactly what our latest blowjob VR porn scene called Better Than A Porn Star is about – since your girl has been secretly watching this VR porn that you seem to like so much, she knows how to treat you like one of those vixens from these virtual reality experiences and she will prove that to you here and now. It is actually funny that such a situation occurred inside of an Asian VR porn video like that – oh, and have we mentioned that for the needs of this VR porn fantasy, Jasmine Grey will become your girlfriend for the time being of the film? Not to mention that it will all happen in immersive 6K ultra high definition – all these facts together make this VR porn video a supreme virtual reality porn experience and we are sure that you are going to enjoy every last second of it completely. Perhaps your IRL girlfriend could too take some lessons from Jasmine? Just do not ask her to do that on your own as she might get REALLY mad at you – and, sorry, but we will not be able to give you a helpful hand in such a situation. Our VR porn scenes might be realistic but, come on, they are not THAT lifelike, haha!