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Do As Youre Told Wife

Starring: Mina Moreno

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DarkRoomVR Published on May 17, 2023
Tonight is the night Mina Moreno and her husband have been waiting for. After a long engagement and a very expensive wedding in front of their friends and family, it is, at long last, their wedding night. Mina is traditional and has made him wait until tonight to enjoy the pleasures of her body. She is shocked when her husband comes into the hotel suite with his best friend and dismayed when he explains that they have agreed to play a game. The winner of this game gets to fuck her first. Mina cannot believe that her new husband would share her. She is disheartened but also excited when his friend wins the game and the right to fuck her tight holes. In this VR porn video, her new husband helps take off her dress and she feels both of them squeezing her tits. Their hands are rough and his friend is commanding as he orders her to get on her knees. To her surprise, they both have big hard cocks that make her mouth water and her pussy twitch. Sucking one, then the other, Mina could feel the stranger's dominance and likes submitting to his will. With her husband still in her mouth, she bent over and felt the fat head of his friend's pulsing prick push into her pussy. Her new husband just watches his friend fuck her while she has her mouth full of his dick. It's their wedding night but he is getting off watching his friend roughly fuck her pussy right in front of him. Mina can't believe how much it turns her on to wear her husband's cum on her face and his friend's on her pussy. She hopes it won't just be a one-time thing.