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Return Of Jugs And Juice

Starring: Chloe Lamur

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jun 5, 2023
When busty brunette temptress Chloe felt the passion rising up inside of her curvy body, she decided to do something about it immediately. Knowing that no one will disturb her while she was in her bedroom, this voluptuous looker started slowly removing her black nightgown and lingerie until her huge tits were out in the open. It was not soon before her panties were off as well and our stunning Chloe had the full access to her cleanly shaved muff which she took full advantage off and used her fingers to get it a bit moist before proceeding to actually rub her clit until it started sending shockwaves of pleasure through her bod. Luscious Chloe soon realized that her fingers alone would not do it for her, so she decided to find her favorite black dildo. Putting it between her big boobs and moving it up and down for a bit, this fabulous stunner imagined that there was a cock between her tatas instead of a rubber toy, so she went on and put it inside of her mouth and started sucking on it sensually. This, of course, also made the toy completely wet, which, in turn, made the penetration of her dripping wet pussy with it a piece of cake. At first, sexy Chloe started drilling her juicy snatch slowly, before increasing both the tempo and the intensity as she could not control herself anymore. And, at the very end, when she started seeing red from all of the pleasure and could not prevent herself from orgasming anymore, Chloe let out a loud moan as she finished herself off.
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