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Karma Is A Bitch

Starring: Alexa Flexy

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DarkRoomVR Published on Jun 10, 2023
Alexa Flexy has been taking Yoga for a while. It has done wonders for her physical and mental health. Her teacher is impressed by her commitment and her progress. In this VR porn video, he suggests she try learning the art of Tantric Sex. Alexa is interested, but when he explains that his classes are hands-on, she hesitates. Her boyfriend would not approve of another man's hands on her body no matter what the long term benefits might be. He can sense her hesitation, but also her desire and becomes more persuasive, His touch sets her body on fire and she wants to learn all he has to teach her. She can feel his eye on her as he takes off her workout clothes and admires her figure. On her knees, she comes face to face with his hard cock. It is so much bigger than her boyfriend's and makes her mouth water even before he shoves it to the back of her throat. She feels her pussy getting wet as she sucks his cock until he is ready. Taking her from behind, he gives her every inch in long, slow strokes. He holds her arms behind her back, controlling the rhythm and making her feel submissive and at his mercy. She has never been fucked this way before and never wants him to stop. Using his special techniques, he keeps banging her through countless orgasms before he finally lets go, filling her mouth with his seed. Exhausted she hears him say that they will move on to anal sex lessons next week.
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