Customer Service

Starring: Liya Silver

Liya Silver VR is a spoiled rich girl who is used to having everything done for her. She even has a personal shopper to pick up and deliver her new outfits. When he arrives, she is already upset because he is late. With her attitude already cranked up high, she goes through the bags and is unhappy with what she sees. Unable to hide her disappointment, Liya takes out her anger on the courier, ranting about the clothes and calling him stupid and incompetent. As her voice continues to rise, he tries to keep his cool, but eventually is pushed over the edge. Tired of her shit, he calls her out for being a spoiled brat who needs to be taught some manners. Liya is not used to being spoken to in this manner and finds his firm tone oddly erotic. He orders her to try on her new clothes and at least see how they fit before she complains. She shivers as she feels his eyes on her body when she strips and puts on her tiny black dress. Since she hates clothes so much, perhaps she would be more comfortable not wearing any at all. Even better, she might feel more at home on her knees with his cock in her mouth. She finds that being submissive to this stranger excites her and when he turns her around, her pussy is already wet for him. He roughly tugs at her nipples and slams his meat into her tight pussy. After he fucks the spoiled princess he gives her a fresh delivery of ball batter right into her mouth. This time she doesn't have any complaints.
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