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Thanksgiving Dinner


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WankzVR Published on Jun 13, 2023
As the air fills with the aroma of turkey and the joy of Thanksgiving surrounds you, an unexpected twist awaits. Elsa Jean, your sweet and devoted girlfriend, has meticulously prepared a mouthwatering feast for the occasion. Little does she know that beneath the table lies a hidden secret, a sultry surprise named Angel Smalls.

While Elsa innocently serves up the traditional holiday delights, Angel, your captivating and mischievous ex-flame, lurks beneath, ready to ignite the flames of desire. With a sly grin and mischievous intent, Angel indulges in a clandestine act that promises to leave you breathless—a secret under-the-table blowjob that tantalizes your senses.

Caught in this tantalizing web of forbidden pleasure, the festivities take an electrifying turn. Elsa, sensing the sudden surge of passion, straddles you with enchanting grace, completely unaware of the sensual undercurrent flowing beneath the tablecloth. But as Angel's daring exploration ventures into uncharted territory, tracing the contours of Elsa's supple derrière with her seductive tongue, the clandestine encounter is revealed.

Now entangled in a whirlwind of desire, you find yourself torn between two enchanting vixens, both craving your attention and yearning to be satisfied. This Thanksgiving, indulge in a free 8K VR porn feast for the senses as Elsa Jean and Angel Smalls push the boundaries of temptation, redefining holiday spice in the most provocative way imaginable.