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Starring: Mimi Cica

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DarkRoomVR Published on Jun 16, 2023
Mimi Cica was dating the wrong guy. After an ugly breakup, he decided to leak her nude photos all over the internet. Making sure everyone at school and work saw the homemade porn, he did his best to ruin her life. Mimi needs legal help and has reached out to an attorney to have the photos removed and see her ex prosecuted or sued. The lawyer needs to see the offending material and insists on having Mimi show him on her phone. She is embarrassed and humiliated by having him leer at her naked body on the screen like she was a VR-Porn Star for him to jerk off to. The pictures turn the lecherous lawyer on. He agrees to take her case and help her, but only if she is willing to do anything he wants. Desperate to get the photos taken down, she agrees and finds herself face to face with his big, hard dick. He is much bigger and more aggressive than her ex and Mimi is quite happy to have him fuck her pretty face. He uses his tie to form a leash as he guides his new sex pet to the couch and takes her roughly from behind. It doesn't take her long to start cumming on his pole. She is so caught up in her own pleasure that she doesn't notice him as he shoots a load deep inside of her tight pussy. He promises to take care of her case if she keeps taking care of him.
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