Fun With Nesty

Starring: Nesty

When the desirable blonde girl Nesty felt the pangs of horniness clutching at her flat belly, she decided to have herself some naughty alone time. Grabbing a hold of her shirt, she slowly started lifting it up until it revealed her small boobs. With the shirt removed and her perky tits out in the open, this lovely lassie sat down and started working hard on removing her denim shorts. Pulling them down to her knees and exposing her trimmed pussy, this seductive vixen lifted her legs up in order to remove the shorts completely before standing up next to the couch and admiring her completely naked and hot body. Sitting back down on the couch again, this sensual filly pulled out, seemingly out of nowhere, a fat red dildo and started jerking it off and touching her protruding nipples with it before, somehow, stuffing it in her open mouth. When she was done with sucking on this big toy, sexy Nesty laid back on the couch and pressed it against her orgasmic snatch. Then, this adorable looker went on to use it in order to stimulate her clitoris and send shockwaves of pleasure down her body. At a certain point, she could not contain herself anymore and went on to slide the tip of it inside of her juicy twat for a quick drilling before resuming with pleasuring her clit and pussy lips. At the very end, when she could not contain the onrush of overwhelming pleasure that was taking over her body, this stunner allowed herself to orgasm with a loud moan that echoed through the house.
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