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My House My Rules

Starring: Matty

darkroomvr VR Porn Profile
DarkRoomVR Published on Jun 20, 2023
Matty comes from a poor family. Her mother worked day and night as a cleaning woman, doing her best to provide for her family. Matty sees how hard she works and wants to help. One day Matty accompanies her mother on a job cleaning the home of a very wealthy client. In one of the bedrooms, she finds some fancy lingerie that peaks her interest. She has never only seen such garments in the VR-Porn her stepbrother sometimes watches when he thinks no one is at home. Curious about the garments, she holds them up to her body and wonders if she would look sexy in them. Unable to resist the temptation, she tries on some of the more interesting items including a collar and leash. Unaware that the owner is standing in the door watching, Matty is shocked when he reveals himself. She is frightened and embarrassed, but he tells her to stay in the outfit and that he will teach her how to behave while wearing it. His stern words and tone make her feel instantly submissive as he orders her to lick her paws like a good pet. Seeing his cock so close to her face fills her loins with warm desire as he pushes the head past her quivering lips. He turns her around and pushes deep inside of her body, causing Matty to bite on his sheets and quiver with delight. She loves learning to be his submissive sex pet and he happily teaches her all the lessons she needs in order to keep working in his home. As he cums on her face, Matty realizes that the outfit was meant for her mother.
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