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Whos the Boss

Starring: Morgan Lee

vrbangers VR Porn Profile
VRBangers Published on Jul 1, 2023
Have you ever fantasised about being a powerful CEO of a huge corporation? You could have ruled hundreds or potentially thousands of people and manipulate them with your money and power. Obviously such an authoritative boss needs some helpers around him, so you should probably hire someone to solve theless decisive matters instead of you. It would have been a good idea to get yourself a sexy secretary, just likea sexy Morgan Lee for an example - an unique asian girl that will do everything to make her director happy. And what if it turned out that your subordinate is a VR Porn star that is madly in love with you and will let you take advantage of her? In this Virtual Reality Porn movie, you will get to see what your little helper really thinks about you as she is daydreaming through the private office meeting with her direct superior. In a blink of an eye she strips off her clothes and begs for her boss to notice her beautiful body as she reveals her true pent up desires. That could not be 'it' since this girl is a much bigger deal and it did not take much time for her to slowly take out a big dildo out of the drawer and spread her legs and open up her pussy. You can not believe your own eyes when she is fingering herself to get even wetter. She is sliding the dildo down her hot twat and starts moaning and groaning so hard that you are actually scared that some employees might hear you and interrupt you and you really want to wait for the development of this situation as you are wondering what could possibly happen next. Wanna find out the answer for this question? Watch this VR Porn movie in 4Kand 360 to discover true Morgan's skills now!
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