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Fixing Her Pipes

Starring: Blair Williams

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VRBangers Published on Jul 22, 2023
Oh no! The pipe has broken again and the water is spilling all over the place! And what now? Just a moment longer and the moisture will go to the neighbours and flood the whole house, and insurance is not paid for such cases! What to do?! Well, there is only one solution- you have to call a plumber. We are sure that among our viewers there are also people performing this profession- after all, the list of our members is really long, so even from a statistical point of view, there must be at least one such person here. At this point it doesn't really matter anymore, because in this VR Porn movie, everyone will be able to feel like an expert on pipes, taps and sinks, and help the innocent Blair Williams in need! There's a problem, though. When you're done with your job and everything is sealed and repaired, it turns out that Blair has no money to pay you! What's even worse, she can't get through to her boyfriend and her bank account is empty. What now? In the end, the work has been done, and she needs to pay for your professional help... Well, there's a solution coming to your mind. In the beginning it starts innocently- you ask the girl to undress in front of you, show you what she hides under the blouse and let you look at her juicy pussy. However, the appetite grows as you eat and you don't stop at just watching. So a moment later, the actress kneels in front of you, and your penis goes straight into her mouth in the blink of an eye. Normally, blowjob and deep-throat would be enough for you to be happy, but since you've seen what a young girl hides in her pants, you want more, and you can't wait to see if she's as tight inside as her cooter looks outside. Sounds promising? All you have to do is put your VR headset on your head and you'll be able to experience it all as if you were there with her. Do it today and get sucked in!