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Play Girl stories with Julia Parker

Starring: Julia Parker

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RealityLovers Published on Aug 10, 2023
Well, have we got a girl who’s really going to bring some wild Play Girl Stories for you, Julia Parker. An actress who takes centre stage, she fucks, she sucks and a whole lot more almost like a whore. But she’s a performer you know. With her sometimes blonde hair and always big blue eyes she might be mistaken as a little angel in the street. In front of the camera, she ain’t no angel and that’s a fact. Whereas her hair colour is not always natural her generous tits are the real thing and with VR you can almost touch them, with our VR rigs they seem really big. Checking out her portfolio of work is mind-blowing and she’s blown a few big dicks too. Often with guy’s blowing their load exploding cum so hard it spurts all over her face and hair. She’s a wankers Wonder Woman and she loves to beat a guy off until he can take no more provocation. She’s outright naughty, one scene saw Julia desperately bursting for a piss, her bursting bladder throbbing to let a gusher go. When a girls go to go, she really has to let it go, utterly wetting her knickers, flooding her stockings she sure was wet. Whatever floats your boat, and she’ll take a big cock in her throat, we think there will be a few more Play Girl Stories to jerk off to you will love too. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.