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Pool of Love

Starring: Vicky Love

realitylovers VR Porn Profile
RealityLovers Published on Aug 13, 2023
Let’s take a splash with Vicky Love, this raven-haired minx is taking a dip in the pool outside and that’s where we meet her. Her lips are big and glossy, and her pussy lips too, Vicky is puckering her lips and muttering to us and splashing her piss flaps in the pool enjoying the wet sensations. Some people need “water wings” in the pool, but in no time at all Vicky is pulling her asshole and pussy lips apart for our VR rig. and it seems like these will definitely keep her afloat and float a few hard dicks with excitement too. We guess her Big-Tits might help her float by the looks of them if needed. Ahaa, she wants us to go with her, we head inside to the indoor pool, our guy is waiting, and in no time at all Vicky Love moves through the pool and pulls his hard cock out of his trunks. It's a big one, a bit like a “buoyancy aid”, but no mistaking what that’s for as Vicky gets her lips around his bell-end and it's blowjob time as she sucks him off like a pro. Now it's time to flip position, she shoves his cock up her slippery slot, sounds like she’s enjoying that but we know she’s a noisy girl with her groans and moans. Vicky is up close again face-to-face with our camera, blowing us kisses with her juicy lips. But what’s this, now she wants to push her soaking wet pussy in our faces, we get a close-up of her joy hole for sure. Now for another suck and a little wank to stiffen our man up for a bit of fanny fucking as Vicky sits on top of his prick again, and she’s clearly enjoying a good shafting. Changing position again Vicky shows how wide her legs can spread, she straddles the guy wanking him off and we get that magic VR closeness right in the action. Gagging for some more banging in the Pool of Love it's time for another session of “fuck like a duck”, there they go with another smash up the gash and we never even saw any breaststroke, so it looks like you will be the ones “stroking one-off” as you watch and wank. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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