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Toyss Passion

Starring: Subana Grande

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RealityLovers Published on Aug 16, 2023
Have we got a Toy Story for you, let's see what Subana Grande is up to, we’re told she has a Toys’ Passion, and we can only wonder what she can shove up a hole. Orgasm is her goal. We meet Subana in a room, it seems she’s a little hot, Subana is wearing a kinky body-spanning fishnet outfit. The last time we saw that much fishing net, it was at sea along with Moby Dick, what a coincidence, Moby Dick loved to swallow seaman too. Fanning herself in the heat, Subana turns her attention to the box of toys, she seems very happy to get her hands on a massive black dildo, she has a big smile on her face as she grips it in her hands considering options as her pussy lips tingle with the wetness of wanting to glide a toy up her fanny. There she is, sat there amusing herself for our VR camera rig, pulling out a massive wide pink rubber cock dildo, which she discovered is much wider than her arm, just imagine how vast her cunt capacity must be to swallow that and ride it pulsing over her throbbing clit. Her cavernous flange must be like a fucking labyrinth for latex. Now she’s found a fun-looking shiny metal pleasure poker of a toy, Subana is rubbing it on her nipples enjoying the texture and sensations through her fishnet outfit as her sizeable tits and pink bullet-like nipples are erect. Like a dirty slut, she slides the shiny metal object into her pussy, she gasps as it hits the wet spot and she seems she certainly has a passion for toys by the look on her dirty face. With her legs akimbo and still with her heels on and a perfect shot of her asshole, Subana is pleasuring herself with all the flexibility of someone trying to change gear in a Jeep over a bumpy road. Now for a big monster dildo, its whale-sized in blue and silver, looks like it will be fun to jump on top of and fuck her fanny as she bumps up and down soaking the table with dribbles of cum juice all the way. Onto the “big black one”, this looks like a policeman’s riot stick, laying on her back she slides it up her crack pumping her pussy like a pro, just look on the intensity of joy as she passionately treats her clit with that big latex toy. All the play has been building up to a climax, Subana’s bursting to cum, or is it pee? Let’s see it all up close and in VR as she loses control squirting and squealing with latex toy joy. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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