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Get Yourself a College Girl

Starring: Maddy May

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VRBangers Published on Aug 19, 2023
Ready for another of our world-famous schoolgirl VR porn scenes? Get Yourself a College Girl is the latest teen VR porn video from Pirou VR inside of which super-hot Maddy May- a tattooed hardcore vixen with a perfect body- will turn out to be in love with you. On behalf of this VR porn movie with a tattoed girl, Maddy will become a student from your dormitory on whom you have always had a crush. You will sneak into her room and get her diary into your hands to learn that she has always wanted to be with you too, as she finds you very attractive and hot, but she has never had enough courage to tell you about that. You will read the following entry: & Dear diary, today I saw David again. He is really handsome, but I do not have enough courage to approach him and tell him that I would like to ask him on a date. He is a guy after all, right? He should be the one who's picking me up! But he is so good-looking that I can't stop thinking about him. I wish I could fuck him one day, and become his girlfriend but if he will never ask me to go out with him, this will probably never happen cause I simply will not have enough courage myself. Eh, what to do, diary? What to do. Wow, what a message, is not it? But that is not all. When you will be in the middle of your lecture, the girl will enter the room, and then then it will all begin. Confront her crush with her and give her what she has asked for- your cock- on behalf of this VR porn scene in 8K ultra-high-definition 3D virtual reality!