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Different Dessert


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RealityLovers Published on Aug 27, 2023
Fancy something tasty? It’s time for a Different Dessert, let’s peep into the room and meet Foxy Sanie and Darcia Lee. They are laying on the bed sipping wine and they fancy something sweet and sticky, dessert. Licking your lips yet? Well, in no time at all they seem to have forgotten about wine and dessert and its pussy lips that are getting licked as those wet piss-flaps get the tongue treatment as the seriously hot brunette goes down on the raving redhead. They are clearly very aroused at the fun and games of some girl-on-girl action as the brunette whips her panties off revealing an absolute peach of an ass and a picture-perfect pussy. Now it's time for some tongue on the bum as our racy redhead rims her butt hole causing some squealing from the feeling. All that time there’s been a guy just chilling in the bed getting quite a show. The girls move on to the mystery man and the lucky fellow has his dick whipped out as both girls play with his swollen pork soldier. His luck gets even better, they both take turns sucking him off with provocative blowjobs, his balls must be tingling with joy juice as he enjoys the threesome. Our brunette goes wide facing our VR rig and in slides the guy’s massive dick, sinking deep inside her tight little pussy. He fills her tight cunt with its girth, she’s such a stunner he must be battling not to blow his load in her cunt as the redhead holds her. Now it is ginger's turn for a good banging up the fanny, she bends over presenting her wet juicy lips as the guy slides his sex sausage into her jackpot slot. They are loving it as he thrusts his dick deep inside her and she squeals with delight. These are two stunning chicks with a guy with a hard big dick, between them they can turn many a trick. They are all worked up, girl-on-girl action taking it in turns to fuck and suck. How this guy hasn’t already blasted his sticky cum load we will never know as the redhead strokes his cock like a pro as he tries not to blow. Who’s the star of the show, probably the brunette with her butthole show, or is it the redhead in the bed? It’s definitely been a Different Dessert, we bet you’d like these too for afters. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.