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VR Dirty Delivery 4

Starring: Silvia Sin

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RealityLovers Published on Sep 2, 2023
Where can we begin with Silvia Sin? We see she’s been looking forward to a delivery pick-up, a man with a van has cum to pick up some new furniture. Silvia Sin slinks into the room in her silky dressing gown, she looks hot with her long dark hair tussles flowing over her shoulders, what’s under that gown we might wonder. Silvia decides to lend the delivery man a hand as he’s got a large roll of shrink-wrap for the furniture and he’s grappling with it. Whoops, Silvia’s sizable tits seem to have accidentally slipped out and they seem to have caught the attention of our delivery man, our VR camera zooms on the bouncy boob bonanza. They are getting playful as he wraps her tits in the shrink-wrap, but we don’t think there will be much shrinking going on, in fact his cock has swollen in his pants. As she signs the guy’s clipboard, they seem to have other things on their minds as they start to get it on, our man gropes her tits as they get a little excited. Silvia’s slim elegant body gets naked, it’s too much for these two as her firm little ass, tremendous tits and wet wanton pussy are there for all to see. Silvia’s beautiful face looks like a picture as she takes a hold of the guy’s long hard dick and strokes the cock shaft as it swells with excitement. Wrapping her shiny red lips around the bell-end she treats the guy to a cheeky blowjob. We bet he’s struggling not to empty his balls in her face. Silvia’s a bit wet down there by now and her moist pussy lips are craving attention, cunnilingus is what her soaking joy slot needs. Spreading her legs wide our man obliges, kissing her tingling fanny lips dripping with cum juices, just look at her face, she’s enjoying that a lot. What next? Our man’s balls are twitching with excitement too and Silvia is in desperate need of a good fucking. Our man slides his cock deep inside Silvia and pumps her sopping wet pussy hard, she’s moaning and groaning as he glides his throbbing penis over her clit again and again. He takes her from behind gripping her long hair, her tits are wobbling away as he fucks her furiously. Next, she jumps on top of his man shaft and fucks on top, these two don’t want to stop, looks like the delivery might be a bit delayed as we leave them to play. Reality Lovers take you there in VR
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