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RealityLovers Published on Sep 6, 2023
Esperanza Del Horno is a petite little firecracker, with her dark curly brown locks of glossy hair and her Hispanic style looks, she’s a real treat for VR. She’s our new colleague and we think she’ll be quite an asset to the office. She’s looking for her colleague, strutting around in a silky white blouse and olive-green skirt she seems to have found the right guy. And he’s got his cock out. Esperanza seems happy with hands-on working, with a cheeky smile and look in her eyes, her little hands touch the guy’s swollen dick, looks like she’s given him a strong hardon. Eager to please she puts down the office papers and admits she likes her new workmate. Popping off her top, we get a VR peep of Esperanza’s exquisite little tits, such soft pink nipples. All VR close and personal and in our face as she gently grips the guy's swollen bell-end giving it a gentle touch. Stripping out of her skirt we get a glimpse of her fantastic little butt cheeks. She’s still got her panties on and rubs her buttocks provocatively on his raging hardon working up his willy until is rock hard. She’s a talker, telling us that his dick feels so warm against her ass. She’s been dreaming of sucking the guy’s big dick. She wraps her puckered lips softly around his throbbing knob. They slip into the bedroom, onto the crisp white sheets and she works her magic on his cock, then it’s time to suck before they fuck, she jumps on top of his “joystick”, facing him and our rig and rides dick like a pro, how deep will he go? We are getting treated to some humping, pumping and jerking and now it’s time for our guy to show us Eperanza’s chocolate starfish up close and in our faces. He’s pulling her pussy piss flaps wide open for a peep of the pink silky sweet pussy treat. This office setup is clearly providing some fantastic work experience, and it just goes on and on with the banging session. Let's leave these two on the bedsheets, whatever happened to the paper sheets we will never know, this has been just the job. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.