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Throwback Bathroom

Starring: Anna Rose

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RealityLovers Published on Sep 10, 2023
Everyone knows where our camera goes, this time it’s zooming in on Anna Rose. Looks like she wants to freshen up, her body will be clean but her mind might be a little dirty, let’s find out in the Throwback Bathroom. We meet Anna in the bathroom, her lean elegant body loves the sensation of a good squirting. She’s dripping wet from her lips to her hips, the water dribbles down her legs, we bet that’s not the first time she has been soaking wet down there. Her long dark hair is dripping as she holds the showerhead as tight as a hard cock. Anna squeezes soapy jell into her hand and frisks her fanny, flicking her clit as she rubs off a little lady wank in the shower. But what’s this? Looks like the solo shower session is about to be joined by a guy, Anna clearly is more than keen to get her hands on our man's prick nice and quick. She takes him in hand with her slippery mitten and strokes and sucks his swollen cock head. As she’s all fresh and he’s all hard, she backs up and takes his dick into her fresh wet pussy from behind, he pumps her soaking pussy enjoying the slippery sensation. Now they move into the bathtub, Anna looks at us right into our VR camera with her big brown eyes, she looks hot and she’s got more to go before you blow. She plays with the guy’s dick even massaging her back by riding on it gently, is his dick up her tight little anus? You decide. Her sweet pink pussy is in our face, they are definitely having some fun in the tub as she gives his cock a sensual rub. Anna wants his cock inside her slippery pussy slot, all up close and captured in VR. The big bath is ideal for these two bodies to slither and slide and enjoy the sex ride. Anna even has space to wank his dick with her feet, the jerkoff money shot for our foot fetish crowd. We let them slosh about, sucking, dripping and oozing soapy suds as they enjoy the Throwback Bathroom. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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