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RealityLovers Published on Sep 16, 2023
Meet Elena Vega and Daphne Klyde, they look like a couple of studious girls who stick to the job, surely a dull boring survey will be nothing to get steamed up about. But wait, Elena ticks the box whereas dirty Daphne goes for cocks. Right from the off she’s started rubbing the guy's dick. In no time at all she’s whipped her jeans off, revealing a sensational ass and a perfect little pussy and she’s put her pierced pink pussy lips right in front of the guy’s face, our VR rig can almost smell her. Aha, It proved too much for Elena too, she’s decided to get in on the action, she can’t control herself by the looks of it. She started off taking down details, now she’s taking down the guy’s jeans to check out his bell-end. Looks like Elena’s naughtier than Daphne as she seizes the swollen cock shaft and wraps her lips around his erect penis giving him a blow-job. They are almost fighting over his dick as Daphne sips it into her mouth moments later. They are lavishing his prick, fuck the survey, now Elena pulls her jeans off and the two girls seem to have other ideas. These two really are a double act as they hand the guy two dildos, he gladly obliges them with a good latex pussy pumping. They are getting a simultaneous “double dildo diddling”, from behind. Now Elena is having her anus fingered, surveying her asshole and pussy lips, there are fingers and tongues everywhere. That’s enough sucking, now they get down to fucking, this is turning into an orgasmic threesome, both girls taking it in turns banging our man. Elena backs up for a good seeing-to as she goes down on Daphne’s soaking wet cunt licking her pleasure zone as she rides the dick bone. Sucking, fucking and “finger lickin good triple-action”, girl-on-girl, grinding on cock, these three can hardly stop. How about the survey? Well, it seems that the girls have cum-up with some very interesting results. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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