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Summer Vibes With Yellow Thongs


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VirtualTaboo Published on Sep 17, 2023
When things go bad with your girlfriend, your best friend is kind enough to let you stay on his couch. It isnt perfect, but it is comfortable and cheaper than staying in a motel until the fight blows over. Things get a little odd when he leaves for work and his new wife Kittina comes in to check on you. You assure her that you are fine and thank her for her hospitality. She doesnt leave however and actually starts flirting with you. Kittina is very beautiful and as she starts to straighten up the house, she slowly bends over in some very tight shorts. She is your friends new wife, but you cant help but admire her shapely thighs and curvaceous ass. When she turns around and catches you looking, she smiled and flashes her breasts. They are small and perky but her nipples are hard from the way you are looking at her. She sees the shock in your eyes, but you dont tell her to stop. You want to see more and she is more than happy to take down her shorts and her panties. It is your best friends new wife, but she is just so hot, how can you stop now? He wont be home for hours. She tells you this as she spreads her legs and rubs her delicious pussy. You know it is wrong, but you can hear how wet she is as her fingers slip into that tight hole. Kittana asks you to come to the bedroom and finish what she started. There is no way you can resist this temptation.
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