Car Smashed And Sister Getting Crashed

Starring: Izzy Lush

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VirtualTaboo Published on Sep 19, 2023
Pretty young Izzy Lush wants to hit the mall with her friend. Trouble is, she doesnt have a car and needs to borrow her stepbrothers. As usual he just lounging around the house playing games on his phone. He clearly doesnt need his car, but isnt just going to let little sister drive it. Izzy asks nicely, offers to wash his car and do his chores for a week and even begs him for the keys. Sis pleas fall on deaf ears, however there is one way he will give her the keys. He wants to see sisters boobs. She wants the car and figures a quick flash is worth it to get what she wants. Just as she is about to show her tits, bro changes his mind and decides that he needs more. A blowjob is what it will take. Izzy is shocked, but she has always had a crush on big brother. Pleasantly surprised to find that his cock is rock hard in his pants and quite large, Izzy takes it out and starts sucking. Not forgetting his original request, she shows him her tiny boobs while giving him head. Needing to feel his big dick inside of her, she sits on him and starts to ride. Just when things are heating up, mom comes home and they have to scramble to avoid getting caught. Izzy grabs the keys and is off to the mall with her friends. Returning later with bad news, Izzy has to tell brother that she crashed his car. He is furious at first, but she quickly picks up where they left off, sucking his cock. This time she even manages to deep throat his fat prick as she tries to calm him down. Izzy strips down and rides big brothers cock, promising to pay him back for the damages and fuck him every day if he doesnt tell their parents. This time there is no one to interrupt them so he flips her over and fucks her tight pussy as hard as he can. When he blows his load, she eats his cum and he promises to keep the secret.
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