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VR Dirty Delivery 1

Starring: Casey Nice

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RealityLovers Published on Sep 20, 2023
Chilling out at home in her tight black shorts and tit clinging green top Casey Nice has ordered KFC, she’s clearly feeling a bit peckish. We have a feeling that this VR performance might be “Finger lickin Good” with plenty of sweet sauce in the box. Casey’s quite a talkative girl and seems like she’s a big fan of home delivery, she fancies sharing her very own box of treats with our delivery guy, the ultimate tip. Well, you didn’t think she was going to tuck into a drum stick, did you? no, Casey Nice fancies a hard hot cock, pulls out our guy's knob and performs a delightful oral session on his throbbing bell-end wrapping her lips around his tasty Twister. She wank’s him off a little, pumping up his passion as she really wants it from behind in her wet pussy. He might not be the Colonel but he’s Generally known to fuck chicks into delirium with his soldier stood to attention. Grasping her hair with one hand and choking her like a chicken with the other Casey’s “Lovein’ it”, she makes lots of very satisfying noises and talks away. Now she’s got her legs wide open as she’s on her back, our man deep inside her pussy, he’s going the extra mile in delivering customer satisfaction, just look at her face with our VR close zoom. Casey flips position, her wet cunt riding his dick on top, she’s loving it as he fucks her pussy as her clit sends her wild. One more change of position, she’s looking right at us as we see the delight on her face as she grinds on his cock, they don’t want to stop, she’s definitely not faking it as the intensity show on her face, in your face. Now that’s what we call true delivery service from the gig economy. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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